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Alatini Saulala offers extensive services to the greater San Jose area. From concrete work, to retaining walls ... from tree trimming to stump removal, Alatini can help you.

Known by his friends as 'TINI', Alatini Saulala is much more than than. Born and raised in Tonga, he brings a strength is his work ethic that can be paralleled by few.

As an athletic specimen, he tried his luck at American Football, before reverting back to his passion of Rugby. Known for both his speed and strength, he was selected as a member of the US National Rugby team, the Eagles. With his key play at center, he helped the US team make the World Rugby Cup in 1999. He played the hometown favorites in Ireland, and still remembers the fanatic nature of the famous stadium at Lansdowne Road.

This national hero works hard for his living, now that his glory days of sport has past. He invites you to learn more about his services that he can provide for you.

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Aug 30, 1999


Lumkong replaces flanker Fifita Mounga while williams replaces David Niu and Hightower takes over from Alatini Saulala , who had flown back to America ...

Fiji Tops New Zealand In Hong Kong 7s Final

Alatini Saulala scored both US tries, with one conversion each by Mose Timoteo The Eagle tries were by Don Younger, Alatini Saulala (2), Mose Timoteo

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The pace with which the Canadians hit the rucks was telling of the rivalry, as was the fact that Alatini Saulala, Chris Morrow and David Niu all left the
Sep 26, 1999

RU: Outsiders US have high hopes

the trio of Mark Scharrenberg, Alatini Saulala , and Juan Grobler in the backs provide attacking power. on the wings, Vaea Anitoni has 26 tries in tests and ...